Zirnakaynin, Last Home of the Elves

Size metropolis (conventional); AL CE; GP Limit 100,000gp; Assets 276,700,000gp


Population 55,340; Type mixed (77% drow, 6% duergar, 5% troglodyte, 3% dark folk, 3% ghoul, 2% tiefling, 2% derro, 2% other races)

Authority Figures

Matrons Azrinae, Dolour, Rasivrein, Tracinoa, Vexidyre, and Vonnarc, CE female drow of various levels and classes (Rulers of the Six Great Houses of Zirnakaynin); Alicavniss Vonnarc, female drow conjurer (archmage of Zirnakaynin); Patron Zov Caldrana, male drow fighter (leader of House Caldrana); Breathless, female flesh-warped drow bard/rogue (artist of webs); Varmirhias, female marilith fighter (daughter of Shax); Xomos Fain, male dark stalker rogue (Boss of the Gray Market); Latiandeil Dirvond, female tiefling bard (cognoscenti of Ovessia).

Deep beneath the Fangwood of Nirmathas, buried by a maze of tunnels and miles of impenetrable rock, lies Zirnakaynin. A marvel of construction and tenacity, the city proper occupies three massive caverns layered one over another, but its holdings include countless grottos, lightless tunnels, and black-bladed fortresses throughout the nearby Darklands. Within the city’s three central caverns—Cocyrdavarin, Eirdrisseir, and Rygirnan—live the city’s drow population, nobles and commoners alike, all vying for power and influence in a city built on treachery and pain.





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