Second Darkness

The Final Countdown

In which we assault the Blood Basilica and go for the master glyph


As you know from my last entry, my loyal readers, one final glyph remained. We had taken rest back in Kyonin, to gather supplies before the final venture to the Throne of Abraxis, and island in the Lake of Black Blood, and the Blood Basilica, located somewhere on the island. Once we were equipped, we returned to the Darklands to completed our mission.

We approached the island in our stealth cloud forms, avoiding the drow bat-rider patrols to scout a bit. We decided to bypass the aerial guard station at the front of the island, and follow an immense bridge through the center of the Throne. The bridge led to a solid stone door leading directly into the mountain, guarded by fierce demons. This was the entrance to the Blood Basilica.

We attacked the demons from stealth, and once they were defeated, we entered the fortress in haste. We found the living quarters of the drow priestesses right away, and they had been forewarned, likely telepathically by the demon guards before their demise. The attacked us with spells, but our magical defenses and impressive reflexes kept us from much harm. We then retaliated, and they quickly fell to our blades.

We continued deeper into the complex, which was warded at all turns with magical rune traps. I was able to disable many, but some were placed among guardians and were encountered during combat. One such was in the next room where a great serpentine creature with three necks and three tails attached to a single torso and head, a mighty Xacarba (known as an Abraxis demon) waited to stall our progress. The beast was as quick as it was powerful, and I was barely able to avoid its jaws as I danced about, striking without mercy. My friends joined the fray a moment later, and even this great creature could not match our combat skills.

We bypassed a cavern full of the Black Blood, and watched over by a dark halfling, before coming to another set of doors. Moving with haste so as to maximize our prepared defenses, we swung the door open to a room dedicated to the Demon Lord Abraxis, and lo and behold, there it finally was – the master glyph. Standing before it were a small army of drow warriors and priestesses, a band of vrock demons, and of course, Allevrah herself. We knew a might battle awaited us, but we had no time to prepare, and sprang into melee at once!

First, Zee flooded the room with her supernatural darkness, combined with a forest of black tentacles to distract and confuse our enemies. We dove into the fray as well, and things were going well against the minions before Allevrah decided to join the party. She banished Zee to a mental maze to eliminate our magical support, and then sent Taz to a similar prison. As Chuffy and I surrounded her past a blade barrier, she and her vrocks assaulted us with powerful blasts of lightning. Things were looking bad for my friends and I, but fortunately Zee and Taz were able to find a way out of their magical prisons to assist, and we drove Allevrah to flee the battlefield.

We immediately set about finishing off the minions, and I began to unravel the final glyph before Allevrah returned, her wounds healed and her protective spells replenished. She smartly banishes Taz to another maze, while holding everyone else at bay with a repulsion effect. I was forced to abandon my efforts at the glyph, and Chuffy and I chased her down and cornered her while Zee removed her protective barriers. Finally, we stuck the killing blow, and as she died screaming, we saw her soul being sucked from her body and sent to meet her Demon Lord, hopefully for an eternity of punishment for her failures. We were victorious!

Without the perils of battle about us, disabling the glyph was a simple task. We ended the ritual and saw to it that no other minions would cause any grief in the Blood Basilica. After a brief look around, to gather Allevrah’s notes on the ritual, as well as search for any shiny stuff, we returned to Kyonin to let the Queen know of our victory.



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