Recorporeal Incarnation

Recorporeal Incarnation
School necromancy; Level sorcerer/wizard 7
Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, F (a gem or crystal worth at least 250 gp)
Range touch
Target one living creature and one corpse
Duration instantaneous (but see text)
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance Yes (harmless)

Recorporeal incarnation replaces the target’s body with that of a recently deceased corpse. The target corpse must be fresh—either dead for no more than 24 hours or preserved by an effect like gentle repose. As the spell is cast, the dead body’s flesh unravels like ribbons to sheath the living target, who must be of a similar shape to the corpse and be within one size category of the corpse’s size. While casting the spell you must remain in contact with the corpse while holding the focus item to the living target. At the spell’s completion, the living target gains the appearance and any size bonuses or penalties of the new form, along with any of the dead creature’s extraordinary abilities or natural abilities (such as natural attacks or senses), but not the creature’s racial bonuses or any spell-like or supernatural abilities. The effects of this spell grant a +20 circumstance bonus on attempts to see through the disguise with Perception checks.

The disguise created by recorporeal incarnation lasts for a week per caster level, or until the focus item is destroyed or moves more than 90 feet away from the target. When this time ends, the target returns to his or her normal form, sloughing off the corpse’s flesh in a hideous display over the course of 1 round.

The greatest strength of recorporeal incarnation is its difficulty to detect as a disguise. The effects are instantaneous, so no magic lingers on the victim. If subjected to detect magic, the target sheds no magical aura, though the focus item gives off an aura of strong necromantic magic. True seeing does not reveal the target’s true form, since the disguise itself, while magically achieved, is a mundane (but masterful) disguise. The spell detect undead, however, does note the target as an undead creature with the same number of Hit Dice. The target is not truly undead, though, and is not affected by any other effect that targets undead creatures. Recorporeal incarnation does nothing to disguise the target’s alignment.

If the target of recorporeal incarnation dies while the spell is in effect, the spell continues. Any resurrection or similar spell cast upon the target resurrects the target, not the corpse flesh. Since recorporeal incarnation destroys the majority of the body’s physical remains, the dead body cannot be restored to life via raise dead—only resurrection, true resurrection, miracle, or wish can restore such a creature to life.


Recorporeal Incarnation

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