Damian Demodius

Tiefling Swashbuckler Bard


Damian is a tall, devilishly handsome young man with dusky skin and lavender-shaded eyes. Small vestigial black horns protrude from his forehead a couple of inches, and his pointed ears are definitely elven, but both are covered by his long white hair and a silk head scarf, or more commonly, by his dashing swashbuckler hat. He generally wears black, with lavender accents to match his eyes.

Damian carries an elven longbow on his back and a katana on his hip. He moves with the grace of a dancer, and there is always a slightly mischievous grin on his face. He speaks in polite fashion to everyone he meets, and continues his proper manners even as he slides a blade between their ribs.

His skin takes on a red tint when he enters his blood lust, and his eyes smolder like the flames of the Abyss…

And then sometimes he disguises himself as a drow!



Good day, gentle folk! Damian Demodius, at your service!

Damian Demodius

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