Second Darkness

The Last of the Defenses

In which we continue to remove the defensive glyphs


Gentle readers, we are approaching the end of our quest, and so I’ll jump right in with no delay! To pick up where we left off, we had just finished deactivating the third of the five defensive glyphs. Our next target is the Rotstone Hollows. And here is what transpired.

We traversed the Land of Black Blood once again in our cloud-like forms, and arrived at the Rotstone Hollows. A series of half-buried towers greeted us, along with a large sinkhole. The sinkhole turned out to be the lair of a giant antlion, and once it was defeated, we decided to surprise the occupants by, instead of entering through one of the towers, infiltrating the underground dungeon through the sinkhole itself.

The chadras had built up an underground lair using the buried towers as well as manufactured caverns, building tunnels to connect the areas into a single complex. Using stealth and magic, we avoided all the chadras as we searched for the glyph. A room full of demonic guardians turned out to be our destination, and we attacked quickly, while also avoiding damage to the chadra eggs that were present. Apparently the demons were holding the eggs hostage to gain chadra cooperation.

Once the demons were defeated, Allevrah herself made an appearance, using a projected image to attack us when she thought we had been weakened by her forces. She was mistaken about our vulnerability, and despite her persistence, I was able to shut down the glyph and thus end her assault.

Once the glyph was down, and the eggs safely turned over to the chadra, they became very cooperative. Klirikit, the chadra shaman, was more than happy to provide us information on the Land of Black Blood, including our next target, the Fetid Palace. Unfortunately, what Klirikit was not able to provide was a way to rescue our friend Taz, whom Allevrah had banished to another plane during the fight. This forced our hand, and we returned to the surface to seek the help of Kyonin.

Fortunately, Queen Telandia was willing to assist us in our efforts to rescue Taz. Using the scrolls she provided, we transported ourselves to the Abyssal Realm of Pleroma, the personal demesne of the Demon Lord Abraxas. His realm consists of many illusionary layers showing ones deepest desires, and we were fortunate that Taz had not been tempted to his doom, for Zee had been in communication with him using powerful magicks, and he and been forewarned of the dangers. Although he was mistrustful of our appearance, we were able to convince him that we were his true companions, and we returned to our world without a confrontation.

Back in the Land of Black Blood, we made our way to the Fetid Palace, a giant mushroom standing in the midst of the land. A neolithid was waiting on guard, with additional drow and demons further inside. We drew the creature out of its layer, and hammer it with our weapons and magicks. It’s allies attempt to assist, but are no match for us, and soon Chuffy was able to bluff the last glyph into deactivation.

Only the final glyph remains. We are currently recovering at the Shrine before beginning our final assault, but we must hurry. Allevrah is obviously aware of our efforts, and she may try to speed the process along. We cannot allow her to bring a Second Darkness to the world!




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