Second Darkness

Into the Darklands

In which we infiltrate the drow city in hopes of locating those attempting the Earthfall ritual


Welcome, my loyal followers! As you know, we last left off with my brave companions and I preparing to journey into the Darklands, under cleverly created disguise as dark elves, to seek more information on the vile ritual that the drow seem to be attempting to bring about. Another Earthfall is possible if we are unsuccessful, and so the fate of the world is in our hands.
As we emerged from the Elfgate, our elven allies on our heels in parody of a pursuing force, we played the role of fleeing drow forces and ran for cover. Our friends were outnumbered, but with the element of surprise on their side, and with a bit of help from Zaitherin’s magic, they were able to play their part convincingly and retreat through the portal with minimal losses. We fled past the main force of gate guards and to the rear supply wagons, where a delivery driver named Gadak was waiting to pass through to Celwynvian. We informed him that the drow forces were overwhelmed, and the traitor elves had taken full control of both the city and the gate. He offered us a ride in his supply wagon back to Zirnakaynin, and we were quick to accept his guidance to our desired destination.

Gadak was quite chatty, and we were able to divert his questions into a passable story as to who we were and where we were from. We claimed to be from the Darklands city of Gizratayn, and that our masters had been killed in the Celwynvian skirmishes. Gadak was impressed with the tales of our prowess in battle, and since we were essential ronin, Gadak offered to introduce us to the master of arms and the Slave Mother of House Vonnarc. As we were looking for a way to enter the drow’s society smoothly and without suspicion, this seemed a perfect plan, and we accepted his invitation.

Our story seemed to have held up under the questioning of Slave Mother Undamesta, and she agreed to take us on a servants. Us males were assigned to Paingiver Drovonais, head of the guards, while Zaitherin was assigned to household duties more fitting to the higher-ranked females. Once assigned, our menial tasks were begun.

Let me just pause a second here to say the title Paingiver is very appropriate. Drow are vicious creatures, and prone to violent mood swings, and our overseers were no exception. Floggings were administered for no reason other than whim, especially for newcomers. It was a long week, and I grew tired of it quickly.

In order to avoid more menial tasks (and unprovoked beatings), I decided to make myself more useful, and presented myself and my skills to one of the House daughters, Eskervalla. She found me interesting enough to approach, although she was a bit skittish when I revealed my talents. She assigned me a task – the death of a certain noble from House Rasivrein whom has been charging House Vonnarc exceptionally high prices for their slaves – and I set out to accomplish the task.

During our first two weeks in House Vonnarc, we learned quite a bit about the House itself. We also learned more about House Azrinae, who is apparently behind the attacks on the surface world. Apparently most of that House is missing, and we surmised that likely these drow have retreated somewhere in order to work on and perform the Earthfall ritual. This has become our key focus now, and hopefully we can learn more about this House’s occupant’s location soon. Entering the House does not seem possible, because even though the occupants are mostly absent, the First Son Kardinnyr has stayed behind with a host of deadly traps, arcane weapons, and summoned demons to keep out intruders.

During one of our missions, Chuffy managed to pick up two new slaves – his father and sister, whom the drow has somehow captures from the surface. We also had an encounter with a giant purple worm, who almost got the best of yours truly and tried to swallow me whole before my party was able to finish the beast. Huzzah to Taz and his might swing!
During this time, Gadak started to become suspicious of our story and motives. He was watching Chuffy a bit too closely, and we had to divert him from this curiosity. Zee was able to distract him with her magic, and may have to further follow up with her wiles if he keeps it up.

I also managed to complete my mission for Eskervalla. Rhespen Rasivrein, was careful, but not careful enough, and I was able to find him in a vulnerable moment and end his annoyance of House Vonnarc. My mistress seemed pleased, and rewarded me in a most pleasant manner.

Our infiltration will continue until we have successfully located the ritual.



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