Second Darkness

Being Drow

In which we continue our masquerade in the city of Zirnakaynin


Once again, loyal enthusiasts, welcome to another piece of our tale. Unfortunately, things remain dark, as we are hidden amongst the dark elves in their Darklands city of Zirnakaynin. Our investigation continues as we seek answers to the plot to bring about the Second Darkness.

The next couple of weeks were actually quite boring, as we continued in our pretend duties to House Vonnarc. We escorted a group of slaves to the Vivirnis, the main temple to the various deities and demon lords worshipped by the drow. I had spent some time there previously, and was familiar with the place, but nothing of note happened during this errand.

Slowly, the drow were placing more trust in us, however, and we were given escort duty for a few of the nobles of the House. One trip led us to The Irresistible, the drow version of a playhouse. I am a great lover of the arts, and so you may believe me when I say that what they do here is not worth discussing or reliving. shudder

We also retrieved some escaped driders for our House masters. Again, nothing of consequence occurred. These two weeks led up to a much more important meeting, however.

During our sixth week in the Darklands, Undamesta called us to the upper levels to witness a scene of massacre – or so it appeared. Three dead drow, all male, were floating in a reddish tinged relaxation pool on an upper balcony, face down and obviously deceased. Tiryin Vonnarc, the second son of our House, and his lower born concubine, Safan Domvesia, had apparently been engaged in quite the orgy before things got out of hand. This was not uncommon for Tiryin, and Undamesta gave us the task of escorting Safan back to her home while she once again cleaned up the mess.

As we were departing, a group of drown riders on their own gecko mounts attempted to slay us all, but they were no match for our level of violence, and soon most were dead or dying. Upon interrogation, we discovered that they were Vonnarc estate guards, and that they were sent by Tiryin to kill Safan. Apparently the honeymoon is over! We return her home as ordered, and return to the House. Tiryin was very surprised to see that we were alive, confirming our suspicions that he had sent his men after us. Drow society continues to confuse us.

Another week of unexciting duties led to another request from Undamesta, and this time it brought a chore of a more interesting nature. Alicavniss, the First Daughter, wished to speak with us in the forbidden mages tower of House Vonnarc. As I had been hoping to draw her eye for quite some time, I was excited about the prospect of finally receiving some of her attention. I should not have been so pleased…

Once we had entered the tower, and kept ourselves from destroying the guardian, we were escorted to the First Daughter, who had some unpleasant news. She claimed that she was aware of our deception, and demanded to know what our intentions were in Zirnakaynin. Once we reluctantly admitted that we had come to the city seeking the drow of House Azrinae, she decided to help us for her own selfish reasons. But first, she required that Orvignato, the proprietor of the Venom’s Kiss, a local pleasure house, be removed, and any documents or maps in his possession be returned to her.

We had little choice but to accept the mission, and set out for the Kiss at once. Upon our arrival, we decided to take a direct approach and asked to see the manager. Sure enough, we were escorted to his office, where we presented our dilemma. He chose not to negotiate, and instead set his minions up on us. A fatal error, as it turned out. Soon his men and pets were dead, and we returned with the documents as ordered. Not the approach I would have taken, but sometimes my party members lack my elegance in such matters.

Alicavniss was pleased with our success as well as our timeliness, and as promised, she gave us the information we sought on the Azrinae. They had apparently retreated to Orv, the next level of the Darklands below our current one, to a legendary realm known as the Lake of Black Blood. This location places them directly below Kyonin, and the information finally gave us a reason to depart this wicked realm. Alicavniss also provided us with a map to the closest aiudara (elfgate), but of course, being true to her race, continued with more assistance that we deemed necessary. She dispelled our disguises with her powerful magicks, forcing us to flee the city at once.

We commandeered four of the cave geckos, retrieved Chuffy’s family members, and fled at our quickest pace towards our freedom.




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